Trends & Research Advancements in Exosome Therapeutics  

Although exosome therapeutics have yet to receive FDA approval, exciting research is underway. In 2021, the global Exosome Research market was valued at $312.4M and it’s projected to reach $716.4M by 2028.

To learn more about the trends shaping exosome drug delivery, join us on December 15th, at 11 am ET for a webinar. We’ll walk you through the industry insights we uncovered in this sector, in conjunction with MedBio Capital.

In particular, we’ll explore:

• Trending research and advancements

• Policy applications and patent trends

• Investment activity, opportunities, and challenges

We’ll conclude the session with a Q&A, so come prepared with your questions.

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Featured Speaker

Nicholas Bevilacqua 

Nicholas Bevilacqua is a Product Marketing Manager at PatSnap, specializing in Life Science platforms. He helps curate product-led growth and is a featured thought leader within the sector. Nicholas is most excited about showcasing the practical applications of PatSnap’s products. His goal is to help users save time and money, while accelerating innovation from ideation to commercialization.

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