Innovation in chemistry is required in all sectors of industry, whether it be in pharmaceuticals, material science, or indeed any other branch of science. These innovations are the foundation of our modern society and lead the way for businesses to progress - and help the world to progress.

Chemical by PatSnap seamlessly links chemical structure searches to intellectual property data, enabling you to effortlessly discover chemical structures linked to the most relevant of patents, no matter how they’re described or written. 

In this webinar, we’ll be joined by Chemist and IP expert Andy Lai as he demonstrates how you can validate your target chemicals performance against 114 million structures, from over 100 patent jurisdictions. 

Some other topics that will be discussed include: 

- How to utilize the similar search function to discover structures very close to yours 
- How the Chemscape can highlight opportunities for licensing and collaboration 
- Discover what the good chemical performance indicators look like