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Augmented Reality Patents

The rate of innovation is increasing as the augmented reality industry continues to grow. The list of patents below are related to the transferring of data, a key technology area in this space.

Apparatus and method for providing haptic augmented reality

Augmented reality based on wireless ranging

Augmented reality catheter interface

Augmented reality environment with secondary sensory feedback

Augmented reality feature detection

Augmented reality for providing vehicle functionality through virtual features

Augmented reality for supporting intervention of a network apparatus by a human operator

Augmented reality information system for use with a medical device

Augmented reality surgical technique guidance

Augmented reality system and augmented reality interaction method

Augmented reality system and method for exposure therapy and motor skills training

Augmented reality user interface with haptic feedback

Augmented reality virtual reality ray tracing sensory enhancement system, apparatus and method

Augmented reality with off-screen motion sensing

Compact haptic and augmented virtual reality system

Context-aware augmented reality object commands

Eye piece for augmented and virtual reality

Eye piece for augmented and virtual reality

Eye-wearable device user interface and augmented reality method

Gesture-controlled augmented reality experience using a mobile communications device

Haptic augmented and virtual reality system for simulation of surgical procedures

Haptic augmented and virtual reality system for simulation of surgical procedures

Haptic augmented reality device for facilitating actions on a flying boom

Haptic augmented reality to reduce noxious stimuli

Haptic device linked with augmented reality or virtual reality implementation device

Haptic device, for interaction with virtual reality or augmented reality systems

Image data processing method, device and security inspection system based on virtual reality or augmented reality

Imitating physical subjects in photos and videos with augmented reality virtual objects

Integrated augmented reality environment

Interacting with a network to transmit virtual image data in augmented or virtual reality systems

Markerless superimposition of content in augmented reality systems

Method and system for haptic interaction in augmented reality

Methods and systems for creating virtual and augmented reality

Methods, systems, apparatuses, and techniques for employing augmented reality and virtual reality

Multisensory augmented reality

Pneumatic augmented reality tactile feedback platform

Powered augmented reality projection accessory display device

Room based sensors in an augmented reality system

Sensory enhanced augmented reality and virtual reality device

System and method for augmented and virtual reality

System and method for three-dimensional augmented reality guidance for use of medical equipment

Systems and methods for generating haptically enhanced objects for augmented and virtual reality applications

Systems and methods for operating an input device in an augmented/virtual reality environment

Systems and methods for providing an augmented reality experience

Tactile feedback systems and methods for augmented reality and virtual reality systems

Touch free interface for augmented reality systems

User input validation and verification for augmented and mixed reality experiences

Virtual or augmented reality rehabilitation

Wearable device and augmented reality device