The 10 Biggest Players in the Robotics Space

We are now fully immersed in the era of robots. As a recent IDC report explains, worldwide spending on robotics and related services will hit $135.4 billion in 2019, which is up from a spend of $71 billion in 2015. China, Japan, the United States, the Republic of Korea and Germany represent the five leading countries for the deployment of industrial robots and together accounted for 70% of total industrial robots in use in 2014. 

Innovation in the industry is alive and thriving. Within such a vibrant space, there will be countless opportunities for companies to forge new relations and pursue business development opportunities. We used PatSnap Insights to determine the 10 companies with the biggest presence in the robotics industry. This was calculated on the number of patents in their portfolios centered around robotics. The graph below shows the results and we can see that the companies range from electronics to automotive-based organizations.


Going a step further we then calculated what percentage of each of those 10 companies' patent portfolios were made up of patents relating to robotics. What this tells us is that a quarter of the portfolios of four of those ten organizations were related to this space. This indicates that robotics will be one of their key activities, if not the main activity. On the other hand, the other 6 companies have a presence in multiple industries. For example Samsung, which has the 6th biggest presence in robotics, only designates 1.75% of its patent portfolio to this space. This shows us both the scale of Samsung's R&D activities and reveals how it has its fingers in many different pies.


In the years to come we will see many new partnerships in the robotics space and much innovation as a result. The impact of robots is not just limited to industrial use cases. They are entering our houses as well, as part of the smart home revolution and with the next phase of domestic appliances. There are already robot cleaners on the market that can automatically vacuum a room! Clearly the 10 companies listed in this post are ahead of the game but there are still vast amounts of white space in the market just waiting to be snapped up. What will be the next big thing in robotics? Will it come from one of the top 10 patentees or a company that is just waiting to forge a valuable partnership?