Anti-counterfeiting: Developing a successful brand protection strategy [Webinar]

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This webinar was hosted by our guest speakers Joel Stobart and Jeff Moore. Joel is CTO at Custodian Solutions and Jeff is Operations Director at Analytical Alternatives (AAL). In this webinar, Joel and Jeff discuss brand protection strategies for anti-counterfeiting.

Custodian Solutions is a brand protection company that uses cloud based software to rethink and redesign the way brand protection should be carried out and Jeff has experience in investigating transnational counterfeit crimes. AAL provides a range of disciplines to support businesses such as intelligence, analysis and corporate security services.

Many companies have the goal to expand their business and brand internationally. With the rise of counterfeit goods, emerging economies like South East Asia can present a challenge, especially for brand protection. A robust brand strategy is important but distance between jurisdictions, cultural differences, technology and intellectual property protection can make it difficult to operate in such an environment.

Joel and Jeff discuss global threats with counterfeiting and the consequences it can have. They explain the different elements of a brand protection strategy and highlight that each company will have different strategies to meet their business needs. Jeff says, “global counterfeiting is growing and by 2022 it will be worth $4.2 trillion [£3.4 trillion] and will cost more than five million people their jobs.”

Joel explains how counterfeit goods are quick in defining opportunities and can enter legitimate supply chains, including perhaps most famously the US military, who unknowingly bought counterfeit microchips seven times in the five years before 2011. Counterfeit medicines are also a huge concern, especially in Africa where counterfeit malaria tablets kill 120,000 people annually.

The key components of a brand protection strategy discussed in the webinar are:

  • Analysis and information sharing
  • Education and awareness of counterfeit goods
  • Use of technology
  • Targeting and investigation to gather intelligence on the source of production

The importance of striking a balance between these methods is also discussed as over zealousness can negatively affect a brand. For instance, if a brand raises awareness of counterfeit goods, consumers may associate the brand with bogus goods.  

To find out how you can develop your brand protection strategy, watch the webinar by clicking the link below.

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