How to improve communication between R&D and IP [eBook]

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In many organisations, R&D and IP are considered separate departments focusing on different aspects of IP development. R&D focus on rapidly developing technology at the early stages of the innovation process whereas IP is usually involved at a later stage when patent protection is required.

R&D may invent something with the intention of filing a patent only to find out later from the IP department of pre-existing IP which renders their research - and costs - effectively wasted. This is usually caused by a lack of communication and can increase the distance (not to mention tensions) between the two departments.

It’s important that these departments work together on a regular basis to increase transparency across the organisation. Both own a critical part of the IP strategy so it’s important for them to work together to build a strategy that supports their IP goals as well as the company’s whether that’s tracking expiring patents, disrupting a new market or exploring licensing opportunities.

R&D and IP can no longer work independently.

In this eBook, we look at a number of different ways to increase communication, decrease costs and improve the function of two of the most crucial departments in any organisation’s efforts to remain competitive.

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