Lack of IP awareness severely reduces creativity

IP expert, Donal O’Connell, reveals the two key factors to provide a fix

In this interview with PatSnap, leading intellectual property (IP) expert and Managing Director of Chawton Innovation Services, Donal O’Connell, explains that far too many organisations do not have a deep enough knowledge of intellectual property across the wider organisation. It is this deficit that is leading many organisations to underperform in terms of innovation and creativity. So, in this interview, we explore some of the reasons why we have reached our current situation and some of the obstacles that organisations face in turning this situation around.

Fortunately, there are a number of practical steps that can be taken, and Donal shares his expertise on what these steps should look like and, most importantly, the framework required in order to implement them.

One of the key areas that Donal refers to is the lack of education relating to IP and whether organisations are pursuing the right strategies to correct this issue. This phenomenon, however, goes wider than just organisations alone, as we learn that, in some countries, an entirely new approach is being taken, with education starting much earlier than in working life. Intellectual property, Donal argues, has for far too long been the remit of specialised functions - and the time has come to bring more awareness, knowledge and information to a wider audience.

Another way of bringing intellectual property awareness to audiences outside specialised functions is to create material that is specifically geared to the requirements of that audience. This is one approach that we have taken with our own ‘Academy by PatSnap’ solution, which itself is a free online learning centre for innovators, entrepreneurs and R&D teams. By adapting content to the needs of a specific audience, it becomes much easier for organisations to extend the knowledge of such topics as IP—and, indeed, to benefit both competitively and strategically.

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