PatSnap client showcase: Michael Schuster, NCH Corporation

Michael Schuster is senior VP at NCH corporation, an inspired inventor and a PatSnap client.

Michael is passionate about solving root problems and developing products that consumers want. Products with which Michael has been involved have received recognition in the form of the Chicago Innovation Award and the Home Depot Innovation of the Year. Michael loves every aspect of developing a product from nothing, but his greatest gift is knowing what to bring to market and how to wrap the product with patent protection.

Since his first patent filed in 2001 and his first product launched in 2006, Michael now has a total of 26 patents. All but two pertain to products that are currently sold in today's market place. Additionally, Michael has 35 patent applications that apply to current products (as well as products that will launch in the near future). As a testament to the strength of these patents and the inventions they protect, 100% of the products launched are still generating revenue—with nationwide distribution though major retailers.

Watch our 5-minute interview with Michael to learn how PatSnap fits into his work on the frontline of innovation.

Special thanks to Michael Schuster and NCH Corporation

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