Exciting International Entertainment Investment Fund

In a recent move to establish further commitment to our global entertainment industry and its intellectual property, a small group of private investors have come together to from the New Strategic Intellectual Property Entertainment Fund (SIP).

The group have already raised $2 billion so far and are setting their sights on investment opportunities across the whole entertainment spectrum. They will look at all emerging markets, but will mainly focus on China and the US. Justin Joe, the funds Co Chairman explained, "this fund will narrow the bridge between America and China" but will ensure they are "sensitive to both Asian and American cultures."

Both Chinese and US film markets have been expanding at rapid paces in recent years. The US industry dominates the world's film sector, with China not far behind. In 2011, they overtook Japan, becoming the world's second biggest film leader. Chinese cinema admissions rose by 236% between 2009 and 2013. 

The fund will have a nine-year life span due to the uniqueness of its goals and the vast span of business sectors that it will be involved in. The wheels will be put in motion in February 2016. Its aim is to promote transparency between local partners, eventually maximising profits and reducing risks.


Modern digital media will play a large role, along with understanding popular platforms among consumers. Their goal is to demonstrate long-term appreciation, using a controlled risk management strategy, enabling them to freely invest in promising and upcoming entertainment projects.

Their offices will be based in both LA and Shanghai, and it isbelieved that this fund will be one of the leading entertainment and licensing entities in the world. There are other key industry members yet to be confirmed to join the team, as well as a full consulting board. Amongst other roles, they will provide cash for equity investments and will also assist in the acquisition of entertainment-based IP for monetisation goals.

John Probandt, Co Chief investment Officer explained, "We are creating and purchasing IP that has a multiple purpose strategy... We are confident we can combine this valuable perspective on what will work in these markets with our 60 plus years of compelling experience."