How to manage trade secrets successfully

The law has changed in the US, with the Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016; in Europe with the EU Directive on Trade Secrets adopted in June 2016; and in China with the Anti-Unfair Competition Law, which took effect from January 2018. The impacts of these changes are now being increasingly felt.

Trade secret misappropriation cases are witnessing a meteoric rise in court. As trade secrets are such important assets, more and more organisations are realising that they do not have sufficient procedures in place to successfully manage and protect them. More education and training is also required, as the impact of trade secret mismanagement needs to be understood by the wider organisation, so that appropriate responsibility can be taken at all levels.

Trade secrets expert, Donal O’Connell of Chawton Innovation Services, explores these issues in a recent interview with us. In this short video, we investigate the current levels of knowledge within organisations, some of the key steps that organisations should be considering, the idea of trade secret metadata, a review of how the law has changed and the importance of employee education.

PatSnap has teamed up with Donal to provide a short, six-part video series on Academy by PatSnap to help companies understand how to manage trade secrets more successfully, in light of the rapidly changing legal context.

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