Organisations not taking an all-inclusive approach to intellectual property are being hurt

Organisations that don’t take an all-inclusive approach to intellectual property run the risk of focusing too much on the IP that's most relevant to them, and not considering the broader IP that they could benefit from. Intellectual property is a key asset in an organisation. However, due to educational curricula, most people do not have the chance to learn about IP until much later in their careers—when the need becomes urgent. This is astonishing, given the sheer value of IP as an asset.

In this interview, Dr. Hayleigh Bosher, lecturer in intellectual property law at Brunel University and legal consultant and researcher at HB Legal, discusses:

  • The current levels of IP knowledge
  • Some of the key steps organisations need to take in order to address this
  • The risks that organisations face if they do not adopt an all-inclusive IP strategy
  • The importance of contracts

PatSnap has also teamed up with Hayleigh to provide a short, five-part video series on Academy by PatSnap, to help you understand the importance of IP education, specifically copyrights, trademarks and design rights.

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