Webinar Review: IP portfolio management for SMEs

an image of a webinar preview with Timothy Butler

This webinar was hosted by guest speaker Timothy Butler, CEO of asset intelligence firm Tego. In this webinar, he discusses techniques for IP portfolio management for small medium enterprises (SMEs). With plenty of examples from Tego, he explains how to develop a strong IP portfolio in such competitive markets.

With one of the most significant patent portfolios in Radio Frequency (RF), Tego provide an asset intelligence platform (AIP) to makes assets smart. The platform creates a more efficient lifecycle and helps to generate new opportunities as well as assisting with regulatory and integrity management. This means that products or components can share intelligence about their origins, status and maintenance.

Tego have recently developed an IOT based operating system named TegoOS, a system for companies who are looking to implement an inexpensive but highly scalable way to digitize their industrial processes.

Timothy uses the webinar to discuss the scope of IOT in the near future and how technology needs to keep up. In a recent interview with Techseen, he said, “The world around us will become enriched with data and information. Decision making will be at our fingertips which will influence our lives, jobs, and companies to perform better, provide safer solutions and do it less expensively and more effectively.”

Tego’s platform is used across a number of industries including:

  • Aerospace
  • Life sciences and healthcare
  • Energy
  • Military
  • Automotive
  • Wearables

Timothy also discusses the importance of market-focused patenting by looking at the Portfolio Matrix developed by Mr Cella, which identifies large numbers of technologies, features, applications and uses to efficiently file applications covering new inventions.

Tego’s own patents demonstrate the importance of patent citations and Timothy evaluates their portfolio against other conglomerates in the same space to demonstrate the value of a strong patent portfolio.

If you want to find out more about how you can manage your patent portfolio, watch the webinar now:

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