PatSnap platform upgrade: Japanese interface, custom fields & patent value metrics

PatSnap AI EvolutionThe August edition of our series on major upgrades to our platform covers features that further personalise your experience of using PatSnap: 

  1. Japanese interface—see all user interface text in the Japanese language
  2. Custom fields and comments—add notes and data dimensions which allow you to run your own analyses
  3. Patent value metrics—see the estimated value of intellectual property while viewing individual patents

All these upgrades make it easier to view IP data in ways that are more convenient for you.

1.) Japanese interface—liberate data from the language barrier

Innovation doesn't play favourites with language or geography—so PatSnap can’t either. 

The introduction of a Japanese interface (adding to existing options of Mandarin and Cantonese) means that companies employing Japanese-speaking staff can now benefit from the power of PatSnap.

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This also means that existing customers and multinational organisations can collaborate more closely with their Japanese-speaking counterparts.

The PatSnap platform lets you scour (in seconds) hundreds of millions of documents containing data on innovation, uncover and visualise the insight they contain, then save your findings all in one place.

And now you can alleviate duplicated effort and poor collaboration by sharing everything you learn with Japanese-speaking colleagues.

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2.) Custom fields and comments—choose how you organise and analyse IP data

PatSnap Workspace is the part of our tool where users can store and organise important documents uncovered during research.

You can create folders, and set automatic updates and alerts. And now, you can create custom data dimensions for organising and analysing documents. 

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For example, you could add a field identifying whether a document has been reviewed by your Japan-based team… Or whether a patent belongs to a competitor. Then you’d be able to sort documents according to these preferred criteria. 

Even better, when you modify documents in this way, your comments and custom fields will always be visible when you encounter the same patent in subsequent searches.

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This means you can now view IP data through lenses that are important to you—not just those that come built into our platform. 

3. Patent value metrics—get an immediate, preliminary sense of the importance of each patent

PatSnap has always included a rigorous predictive model for estimating the value of a patent. What’s new is that you can now see an estimated monetary value, even in “patent view”.

When you view a patent document, you’ll see a "dollar rating" and a monetary figure which represent the estimated commercial value of the IP protected by that patent.

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Once you’ve identified a set of patents that are relevant to your business or project, this feature can help you decide with which documents you should begin further investigation. 

See the PatSnap platform in action—watch our webinar

If all this talk of platform upgrades and new features has you curious about PatSnap, watch this webinar to see our platform in action and hear our plans for future development.

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