Jeffrey Tiong and PatSnap to lead on the world stage: EY Entrepreneur of the Year event

2018 has represented a year of tremendous change and growth for PatSnap—there have been multiple product launches, multiple awards and multiple organisational milestones. These are welcome signs of evolution, as PatSnap closes the gap between its vision and reality.

Today, we celebrate another such milestone—Jeffrey Tiong, PatSnap's founder, was recently named the overall winner of the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Singapore. This follows Jeffrey's earlier win in the "Analytics Intelligence" category. Jeff will now represent Singapore and PatSnap at the worldwide EY Entrepreneur of the Year award ceremony in Monte Carlo. 

In the words of Jeffrey Tiong:

"Innovation is a big word. It's about doing new things, trying new things... [and] new business models, or new products and new processes. While transformation is a type of evolution... and these two goals go hand in hand because you can't transform yourself without reinventing yourself and being innovative. At the same time, you can't be innovative without transforming yourself."

This ethos has led PatSnap to expand into the worlds of alternative data for financial services, market and commercial intelligence for innovation teams, and nucleotide and amino acid sequencing for pharma, agriculture and diagnostics. This relentless juxtaposition of transformation and innovation has propelled PatSnap into the Times Tech Track 100 list of fastest growing technology companies, and other circles of high repute.

As we elevate our standing in the realms of innovation, technology and business, expectations of our leaders, brand and product will similarly rise. How will PatSnap respond to this? The clue is in Jeff's words, "We need to keep learning and keep growing. Change is the only constant, I believe that."

Thanks to all our wonderful customers, employees, investors and supporters, we can continue to live by the words that are at the heart of our progress so far:

"Be curious. Keep growing and learning."