Maximising your ROI: How to leverage patent data

We are delighted to welcome back Laura Schoppe, founder and president of Fuentek, to host another successful webinar for PatSnap. This time Laura will be looking at how companies can gather direct feedback from the value chain and as a result maximise their ROI.

Fuentek is one of the world's leading intellectual property and technology transfer consulting firms. Founded by Laura Schoppe in 2001, Fuentek provides comprehensive services for leading university, government, and corporate decision makers around the world.

Laura’s first webinar back in June 2016 delved into the optimization of a patent portfolio and explained why it is essential to use active intellectual property management as a strategic asset.

In August last year, Laura presented her second webinar looking deeper into patent portfolios, highlighting the benefits of market-based technology analysis, including:

  • The importance of finding your fit within specific industry sectors by analyzing your own innovations.
  • The use of patent landscapes as a method for uncovering potential opportunities and threats.
  • How to stay focused on high probability opportunities using a rating system for a technology’s potential for commercialization.

Next week, Laura will be continuing her webinar series with us, this time focusing on the process of ramping up marketing and leveraging patent data to ensure maximum ROI.

Areas Laura will be exploring include:

  • How to prioritize high-potential technologies
  • How to determine your IP protection landscape
  • How to identify and secure the interest of potential licensees and collaborators.