Adapt or die: 3 NPD leaders on the evolution of product development challenges

In this 15-minute mini-documentary, we interview 3 renowned innovators:

  1. Will Whitehorn, Ex-President of Virgin Galactic
  2. Michael Schuster, Senior VP at NCH Corporation
  3. Mike Cane, Founding Partner at Cambridge Design Partnership
They share their philosophies on building new products for marketplaces and competitor landscapes that are evolving faster and more unpredictably than ever. 

From the boom in big data and cloud computing, to great leaps forward in materials science and user experience design, the instruments of innovation have also evolved.

But with this evolution has come an urgent imperative to adapt... or die. Of the top 4 challenges with which R&D leaders are struggling (according to CEB, of Gartner), 2 are stated as "We don't know how to make the best use of digital tools in our innovation process" and "We don't know how to incorporate analytics in our innovation process, in a systematic way".

Conversely, Boston Consulting Group ran a study which revealed that the companies which are most competent at incorporating big data and advanced analytics tools, also have the most successful innovation programmes. 

Watch our mini-documentary to learn how Will Whitehorn, Mike Cane and Michael Schuster deal with these challenges and the tools they use in the process.

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Special thanks to our interviewees and their organisations





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