Don't get caught out by open source software

Open source risk management specialist collaborates with Academy by PatSnap

Whether you are in robotics, automotive, manufacturing or even biotechnology, managing the software supply chain is now more of a priority than ever. Today's cars include over 100 million lines of code—a number that’s growing all the time. Software is shipped as standard with most modern technologies. And, as a recent article in Bio IT World explains, “Managers in the traditional biotechnology sector may not be familiar with open source software and related compliance issues, but these issues are bound to come up as they develop technology solutions to the problems of biotechnology.” It is, then, an issue for corporate managers, product managers and developers alike.

Open source software can enter source code, even proprietary code, in numerous ways, which can make it difficult to manage. In this interview with PatSnap, Martin Callinan and Paul McAdam of Source Code Control discuss major steps that organisations must take to understand, evaluate and mitigate risk.

Of course, organisations cannot implement the right measures if they are not even aware of the dangers. However, the dangers quickly become major C-level issues when the use of open source software leads to data breaches, bad publicity, potential lawsuits and massive fines. There is a need for broader knowledge of risk management and organisations must take more responsibility in relation to the potential pitfalls.

If you want to raise the level of education in relation to this topic in your organisation, Academy by PatSnap has teamed up with Source Code Control to provide a five-part video series that covers:

  1. How to identify risk
  2. The implications of different types of licenses
  3. Who should be responsible for open source risk management
  4. Pragmatic steps to shield the organisation from open source dangers 

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