PatSnap platform upgrade: patent review tracking and smart search

not_tracking_competitors_newsletterWe've started the year as we mean to go on—with upgrades to our platform which make it easier than ever for anyone (even non-IP experts) to get meaningful answers from IP data.

When you log into the PatSnap platform, you'll now find clear paths to accomplishing impactful goals, and helpful signposts along the way. Here are some other updates we'll cover in the February 2018 edition of our series on major upgrades to the platform:

  • Patent review tracking—assign, track and manage large-scale patent tasks in one place
  • Smart search—autocomplete suggestions and real-time syntax correctors have made PatSnap's search bar the shortest distance between hard questions and good answers

Patent review tracking—a restricted view of your patent review process is anything but cheap

After spending hours (or days) constructing effective search queries, then finding and shortlisting hundreds (or thousands) of patents, IP professionals will often have a colleague with subject matter expertise identify the most critical patents.

But this hard job gets frustrating when managers send shortlisted patents out for expert review, only to realise no one is taking the reins. Meaning they’re forced to persistently remind people, and push for updates via emails and phone calls.

Think of the lost hours. Wasted effort. Inefficiently allocated resources (monetary and otherwise). There’s got to be a better way.

Currently, the collaborative flow between IP and R&D subject-matter experts happens in (mostly) non-trackable ways.

Patents are exported into Excel and sent to reviewers with the associated PDFs. The problem is the progress of reviews can’t be tracked via email.

Enter PatSnap’s patent review feature.

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PatSnap Patent Review Tracking Feature.pngSource: PatSnap platform

It lets you quickly and easily assign patents to colleagues, from within the Workspace where collated patents are stored. You can also set due dates and task priorities.

With the click of a button, you can monitor the progress of patent reviews, send out reminders to all collaborators and re-assign tasks to manage team workloads.

You can do all this, and see all progress, from one collaboration-optimised Shangri-La.


  • Assign relevant patents to specialist reviewers using a fully trackable workflow
  • Set due dates and task priorities
  • Add specific instructions for complex tasks or different reviewers
  • Create and include custom data dimensions or fields for personalised analyses
  • Reviewers can easily see and access tasks to which they’ve been assigned—with due dates and task priorities—every time they log on to PatSnap

Why settle for a restricted view when you can direct events from the vantage point of the conductor’s podium?

Smart search—whizz through patent searches without being a patent whizz

Even for IP-proficient users, running an effective patent search can take days. Confronted with patent search software interfaces, non-IP users are often intimidated into retreat.

Patent searching typically involves a laborious, iterative process which starts with a basic search. Initial results are analysed to find more relevant keywords and IPC/CPC codes, which are then added to the query. An updated search is run to uncover yet more keywords and IPCs… and this process is repeated ad nauseam. Historical or saved queries are often attached, resulting in long Boolean strings which can easily conceal syntactical errors, adding to the madness.

This is not only bad for users—it’s bad for innovation.

PatSnap’s smart search feature helps you perform better, faster searches through three interconnected upgrades. Firstly, smart search provides quick access to Boolean syntax, search history, assignee names, and other building blocks of an effective query. Secondly, it provides intelligent suggestions for relevant keywords and IPC codes, which go beyond basic keyword matching. Finally, it flags errors in your search query as it’s being built.

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PatSnap Smart Search Feature Screenshot.pngSource: PatSnap platform

This means users don’t have to deal with busy, intimidating search interfaces. You’ll also be able to discover relevant keywords and IPC/CPC codes without enduring endless “search-refine” cycles. Finally, you won’t have to go hunting for syntactical errors when dealing with a broken query.

Smart search ensures you won’t enter a broken query to begin with!


  • Autocomplete suggestions for assignee names, with disambiguation, reducing human or typing errors
  • Autocomplete suggestions based on search history so you can easily borrow from or reload a previous query
  • Speed up query building with our syntax helper, which suggests relevant Boolean logic connectors
  • Syntax error detection visually flags mistakes in your query as soon as they appear, allowing you to fix these before launching a broken search

For frustrated patent search software users, smart search slows down racing hearts and speeds up lagging searches.

See the PatSnap platform in action—watch our webinar

If all this talk of platform upgrades and new features has you curious about PatSnap, watch this webinar to see our platform in action and hear our plans for future development.

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