PatSnap platform upgrade: view a territory landscape and simulate a merger

Inside PatSnap Platform

Although PatSnap started as a tool based on patent data, it now solves problems beyond the world of intellectual property (IP)—using data sets beyond the realm of patents.

You could say we’re obsessed with becoming the most user-friendly and powerful tool for helping R&D, IP and business intelligence easily collaborate, to become more profitable. 

Our team of data scientists, engineers, UX, product specialists (and non-human, algorithmic allies) has been upgrading the platform so it’s unrivalled in meeting this need.

You’ll now get regular updates on this blog, as we evolve PatSnap into a system of intelligence that supports any business looking to innovate productively and profitably.

This is the first of those updates and it’ll cover features that help innovators solve two problems: 

  1. How do you stop the business departments driving your innovation operations within a technology area from making everyday decisions based on high-risk guesses and rules of thumb?
  2. How do you make sure even the earliest stages of any acquisition considerations are informed by facts and data—rather than wasting time and money before spotting doomed options? 

To alleviate these pain points, we’re releasing two features in June 2017—Territory Landscape* and Simulate a merger*.

*All updates will be released to customers by the end of June 2017.

1.) Territory Landscape—speedily generated, detailed map of any technology space 

The territory landscape lets you generate a comprehensive landscape visualisation of a technology area, in as few as 3 clicks.

You’ve always had the ability to generate a visual landscape—now you can get a similar result while skipping a boatload of steps.

This new feature appears in the “Playbooks” section of the PatSnap Insights product—playbooks are shortcuts that streamline complex, multi-step processes into one feature. 

To generate a territory landscape, you simply need to:

a.) Click on “Territory landscape” in the Playbooks section of the PatSnap Insights dashboard

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PatSnap Update Territory Landscape

(Source: PatSnap platform)

b.) Choose a saved company profile or search query

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PatSnap Upgrade Territory Landscape

(Source: PatSnap platform)

c.) Choose a technology area… and in the blink of an eye, you’ll have a territory landscape

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PatSnap Technology Landscape Picture

(Source: PatSnap platform)

This is particularly useful for keeping R&D, IP and business intelligence aligned in their strategies for penetrating or dominating a technology area.

Nullifies jargon and enhances communication

Territory landscapes give all teams a universally comprehensible visual aid for understanding their shared challenge. The alternative is R&D speaking in scientific jargon, IP speaking in patent jargon and business intelligence speaking in corporate jargon.

Standardises and improves intel

You’d be surprised—or maybe not—at how regularly different teams make decisions based on incongruent information sources. PatSnap’s territory landscape—as well as our data cleansing and standardisation algorithms—makes sure everyone’s acting based on the same information. 

Improves collaboration and division of labour

Thanks to the two benefits covered above, you’ll find it easier to delegate parts of a gigantic task to different business departments. Each team member will know exactly what they’re supposed to do, which result their actions are meant to achieve and how this fits with everyone else’s work.

 2.) Simulate a merger—comprehensive snapshot of what you get when you combine two companies

Regardless of your reasons for considering an acquisition—acquiring a technology, neutralising a threat, adding commercialisation competencies etc.—it’s important to act based on informed conclusions. 

Specifically, the earlier you become informed, the better—and no one says that must be after you start paying consultants thousands or tens of thousands a day.

With a few mouse clicks, you can run preliminary checks on the potential results of any merger. This can be done, literally, in the moment a company is first put forward as an acquisition option. 

You simply need to log on to PatSnap Insights and enter the details of the companies you’re thinking of merging. Then the platform will:

a.) Generate a profile for the acquiring company

b.) Generate a profile for the company being acquired

c.) Generate a profile for the combination of both companies

This means you can quickly see, among other things: 

  • Combined intellectual property portfolio
  • Litigation threats
  • Geographical reach
  • IP portfolio valuation

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Uber Waymo Simulate a Merger

(Source: PatSnap Platform)

Maybe an acquisition option that seemed like a no-brainer will be revealed as the riskiest move possible. Or maybe a non-option emerges as the most promising. 

In either case, you’ll know before investing a damaging amount of your invaluable time, money and brainpower.

And there you have it—our two big moves in the month of June towards making your life easier. As well as these two updates, we’ll be releasing a legion of smaller improvements.

 See the new, improved PatSnap platform in action—watch our webinar

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