PatSnap Weekly: 2017 April Week 1


Welcome to our first PatSnap Weekly of April. Despite plenty of April Fools (none included here), there are still a lot of great developments including driverless buses patrolling the streets of London, a new doomsday vault and breakthrough discoveries into how we create memories.


  • Sir Tim Berners-Lee receives Turing Award, proposes shake up

    Inventor of the World Wide Web accepts $1 million Turing Award but says more needs to be done to allow users to protect their data.

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  • Driverless bus tested in London

    Londoners offered chance to ride on driverless bus during trial. The automated bus, built by Oxford University spin off Oxbotica, is on a week long trial in Greenwich.

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  • Quantum computing search algorithm milestone reached

    Team from University of Maryland claim to have successfully executed algorithm first proposed 20 years ago.

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  • Norway launches data only doomsday vault

    Similar to Svalbard Global Seed Vault, archived data on specially designed film will be stored in abandoned coal mine of Norwegian island of Svalbard.

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  • Japan to accept BitCoin

    Japanese government announces shops will begin to accept the cryptocurrency as a valid form of payment by summer 2017.

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  • Swedish startup implanting chips in employees

    Stockholm company Epicenter implants chips in 150 employees to open doors, track printing and other duties.

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  • Man receives donor stem cells

    Japanese man with degenerative disease receives programmed stem cells from a donor to preserve eyesight. Development has potential to radically expand treatment possibilities.

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  • 3D brain scan tech funded

    American National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health provides collaboration between two universities $3.6 million (£2.9 million) to improve techniques for mapping patients’ brains.

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  • Memory process breakthrough

    Japanese and american research team outline way the brain processes memories. Discovery could lead to better understanding of wide variety of diseases.

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  • At home genetic test approved for use

    US FDA approves at home genetic test from 23andme capable of detecting 10 separate genetic diseases.

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  • Apple to bring chip technology in house, threatens IP

    Apple’s decision to stop using British firm Imagination Technologies’ chips in smartphones and develop the technology in house will be impossible without violating patents, claims Imagination

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  • Google launches patent scheme to deter patent trolls

    The scheme, PAX, is hoped to protect developers and manufacturers of Android devices and apps.

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  • Council meets to discuss blockchain patent trolls

    Representatives from blue chip companies and other major institutions meet to discuss growing concern over increasing number of patent trolls buying up IP in blockchain technology.

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