PatSnap Weekly: 2017 April Week 3


Welcome back to PatSnap Weekly after a great bank holiday weekend. This week has been a veritable glut of medical advances with big steps taken in both dementia and diabetes treatments. Elsewhere, could a new type of tumble dryer be coming?


  • MasterCard tests biometric credit card

    Credit card company tests fingerprint reading card in South Africa ahead of potential global roll out. New payment format uses fingerprint to replace PIN authorisation, therefore requires no new machinery.

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  • New tumble dryer tech

    Tennessee team with GE backing demonstrate prototype tumble dryer capable of drying clothes faster and more efficiently.

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  • Antidepressant used to treat dementia

    Researchers at the MRC Toxicology Unit in Leicester claim to have made ‘huge leap’ in dementia treatment. The new treatment utilises common antidepressants and is based on previously known treatment which proved effective in animal testing but caused organ damage in humans.

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  • Diabetic kidney disease cause found

    Edinburgh researchers find molecular link between diabetes and kidney disease which, when blocked in rats and mice, prevents kidney damage. Team say discovery could not only prevent kidney damage but reverse it.

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  • Protein change slows cancer growth

    Study in Nature shows a reduction in amino acids in patients’ diet can slow tumour growth. The research, carried out by scientists at by the Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute and the University of Glasgow, found that removing certain proteins from the diet of mice slowed the development of lymphoma and intestinal cancer .

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  • Umbilical cord blood restores memory function

    Team from Stanford University reverses memory degeneration in aged mice using human umbilical cord blood. Advance is hoped to lead to new treatments for elderly patients.

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  • Apple settles case at 11th hour

    Tech giant avoids potential suit loss against major IP holder Unwired Planet by settling just hours before case begins. Unwired Planet demand portion of iPad and iPhone profits and have already won similar cases against Samsung and Huawei. Settlement details have not been released.

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  • Amazon secure clothing patent

    Retail giant awarded patent for computerised system capable of producing textile patterns and other garments. Acquisition suggests Amazon’s expansion plan includes move into clothing industry.

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