PatSnap Weekly: 2017 April Week 4

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Welcome back to PatSnap Weekly. This week there have been signficant advancements in both cancer and glaucoma detection. Elsewhere, could the Iron Man suit become a reality?


  • Flying video drone

    Japanese company, NTT Docomo, has created a  drone encased in a spherical shell covered with curved LED strips that spin at high speed, creating a video while in flight. The design keeps the drone hidden inside the sphere to prevent obstruction of the video.

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  • Spotify acquires blockchain startup

    Spotify has acquired Mediachain Labs, a blockchain startup, to develop better technology for connecting artists with rights holders. It is leveraging blockchain technology to help solve attribution issues.

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  • R&B singer, Ne-Yo, invests in coding school

    R&B artist, Ne-Yo, is investing in Holberton School for software engineers. He has already invested 2.3 million in February and is joining the board of trustees to help attract underrepresented groups into learning code.

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  • Iron Man suit flown at TED

    British inventor, Richard Browning, founder of the startup, Gravity, flew in an Iron Man inspired personal flight suit at a TED Conference.

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  • Biobag that mimics a uterus allows fetus to develop

    The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has revealed a new device that helps prematurely born infants. This device acts as an artificial womb, using a biobag to mimic the uterus and creating conditions in which the fetus can develop.

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  • UK cancer research finds new way of spotting cancer in blood

    A trial funded by Cancer Research UK involved taking samples from a lung tumor removed during surgery and analysing defective DNA. Blood tests were taken every three months to find traces of cancer, which indicated that a recurrence could be detected up to a year earlier than with any other method.

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  • New way to detect glaucoma before people notice blindness

    Researchers at University College London have developed a new type of eye exam to spot glaucoma. This involves injecting a fluorescent dye, which sticks to the dying cells in the retina, into the bloodstream.

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  • Nike files patent for a denim jogging pant hybrid

    Nike has filed a patent for “architecturally reinforced denim”—which is essentially a denim-jogging pant hybrid, called “ath-denim”.  

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  • Uber and Lyft sued for patent infringement

    Uber and Lyft have been sued for alleged infringement by Hailo Technologies—not to be confused with Hailo, which was acquired by Daimler—for the US patent describing an “automated vehicle dispatch and payment honoring system”.

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  • Google and Intertrust launch PatentShield

    Google and Intertrust are launching PatentShield, a new program that defends startups from patent litigation in return for a stake in the company.

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