PatSnap Weekly: 2017 February Week 1


Welcome to the first edition of PatSnap Weekly, a weekly review of the latest developments from around the world in innovation including technology, medicine and intellectual property.


  • Quantum computing edges closer

    A digital pipe dream moves one step closer as a team from the University of Sussex produces a supposedly feasible blueprint for a bona fide quantum computer. The technology could revolutionise computing by improving the calculating speeds by several orders of magnitude and bring the power of supercomputers into everyday use.

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  • University of Illinois shows off robot bat

    Robotics team at American institution shows off prototype of ‘Bat Bot’ which boasts realistic flight mechanics and wing membrane. Scientists say change in robotic flight design – from insects and birds to bats – could offer more manoeuvrability.

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  • MIT investigate solid Lithium batteries

    Materials Science and Engineering department are considering a range of solid electrolytes in the hope of producing new, totally solid batteries which could radically reduce the weight of batteries.

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  • Scientists create fish-catching gel robot

    Team from MIT produce underwater robot made from gel like substance capable of catching things gently – an ability which could also have potential uses in medicine. The robot, which is also virtually invisible once in the water, can move fast enough to catch goldfish.

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  • Stem cells used to treat Downs syndrome ignites row

    A team in India’s use of stem cells to treat Down’s syndrome triggers row over the administration of the revolutionary medical treatment while still others dispute the efficacy of the study’s claims.

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  • New cancer findings could have implications for future treatments

    Yale University are to publish a paper demonstrating how cancer spreads through white blood cells merging with melanomas. The study, which confirms theories a century old, could lead to new treatments focusing on tackling hybrid cells.

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  • Cancer mappings highlight new treatment possibilities

    Cancer Research UK says shape of breast cancer cells can be ‘mapped’ to improve the effectiveness of therapies. Factors such as physical pressure on the tumour can affect genetic behaviour and subsequent changes need to be studied for treatment to be effectual.

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  • Skin patch which warns of sunburn

    Scientists in Australia produce a skin patch which warns the user when its time to apply more sun screen.

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Intellectual Property

  • Apple and Qualcomm IP row latest

    Ongoing case between tech firms unlikely to end soon as Apple CEO Tim Cook accuses opponent of stifling innovation. Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf remains hopeful of continuing relationship.

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  • Intellectual Property Office of Singapore announces fees change

    IPOS reduces fees for trademarks and patent searches but promises first application fee increase in a decade to discourage patent hoarding. Fee changes will come into effect April 1.

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Next week's PatSnap Webinar

Next week's webinar will be hosted by Dr. Dierk-Oliver Kiehne, CEO of InTraCoM and he will be discussing the the various ways in which patents can be valued, as well as the benefits and disadvantages of the various approaches.

As intellectual property can account for 70 per cent of a company’s valuation, conflicting views exist on the best way to value patents and IP portfolios, or even whether they can be valued at all, join PatSnap on 8th February to discuss the benefits and issues with the various ways.

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