PatSnap Weekly: 2017 February Week 3

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Welcome to the third edition of PatSnap Weekly, a weekly review of the latest developments from around the world in innovation including technology, medicine and intellectual property.


  • Apple continue to strip features

    Apple’s announcement last year to lose the headphone socket on the latest iPhone caused more than a little stir. And judging from their latest patent published this week, the trend of reducing the number of separate components to the device looks set to continue. The patent released by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) appears to show a touchscreen capable of reading fingerprints.

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  • Physical therapy robot demonstrated

    Robotics team at the Georgia Institute of Technology demonstrate Darwin, a miniature humanoid robot capable of assisting young children with disabilities and physical therapy.

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  • Hour-long levitation achieved

    University of Chicago students develop technique to levitate objects for up to an hour using temperature gradients, offering significant improvements on existing methods and providing a glimpse of a possible future of micro and zero gravity experiements.

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  • Wireless charging moves closer

    Team from Disney Research demonstrate quasistatic cavity resonance (QSCR) technique which proves capable of charging an entire room of devices simultaneously. Lead scientist Alanson Sample says the technique will “make it possible for electrical power to become as ubiquitous as Wi-Fi”.

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  • Dubai to launch air taxi service

    Dubai’s city transport authority announces intention of launching world’s first hover taxi service in July this year. The electric-powered life-size drone, manufactured by Chinese firm EHANG is expected to be capable of 30 minutes of autonomous flight.

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  • Woolly mammoth to return from the dead?

    Significant scientific milestone within reach say Harvard scientists attempting to ‘de-extinct’ woolly mammoth using DNA preserved in frozen specimens of ancient elephant relative. The landmark achievement is hoped to have become a realistic development thanks to the constant improvement in CRISPR technology.

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  • New malaria vaccine 100% effective

    German scientists at the University of Tubingen confirm all nine personas in single test group receiving highest dose of Sanaria PfSPZ-CVac vaccine had 100 per cent protection from the disease after 10 week trial.

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  • Living diagnostic gloves

    A team from MIT have developed ‘living’ gloves capable of indicating when they come into contact with certain chemicals or pathogens, offering the potential for new devices capable of objectively diagnosing diseases and bacterial infections.

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  • Microsoft announces healthcare push

    Software giant announces “cloud, AI and collaboration and business optimization tools” are to be used to build “healthier future with new initiatives and solutions”. The move comes as part of a new partnership with UPMC to

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  • Disappearing seagrass could offer disease cures

    Team of scientists seagrass' ability to fight disease by removing pathogens in the ocean. One of the most endangered species on the planet plays vital role in maintaining the health of the oceans.

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  • Innovation without IP strategy is useless

    Founder of Research In Motion, the team responsible for  Blackberry smart phone development criticises governments' approach to the innovation, stating  “if you if you don’t have a strategy for protecting intellectual property, it doesn’t matter how much it you put into it, it will always leak out.”

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  • Google hit with $20 million Chrome fine

    Alphabet inc, parent company of Google, ordered to pay $20 million (£16 million) in damages to inventor Alfonso Cioffi and the daughters of deceased co-inventor Al Rozman for the infringement of three malware protection software patents related to the Chrome browesr.

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