PatSnap Weekly: June Week 1

An image of PatSnap Weekly June week 1

Welcome back to PatSnap Weekly. This week there have been significant advancements in IP, with a new ruling by the US Supreme Court in Lexmark International v Impression Products. Elsewhere, the world's largest plane has been revealed, with a wingspan larger than a football field.


  • Voiceitt enables those with speech impairment to use voice-controlled technology

    Voiceitt, a Tel Aviv based company have raised $2 million in funding for its voice-controlled technology, to translate speech that is not easily intelligible into clear words.

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  • Walmart uses virtual reality for training

    Walmart has paired up with a virtual reality startup, STRIVR to train entry level employees. Using an Oculus headset, they can prepare employees for situations like cleaning up a mess in an aisle or dealing with holiday rush crowds.

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  • Stratolaunch Systems reveal the world’s largest plane

    Stratolaunch Systems has finally revealed the world’s largest plane, with a wingspan larger than a football field. Weighing almost 500,000 pounds, it’s designed to carry rockets into the stratosphere.

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  • Scientists announced a study to reverse effects the of brain death

    Bioquark, a Philadelphia-based biomedical startup have announced a study for later this year to see if a combination of stem cell, protein blend injections, electrical nerve stimulation and laser therapy can reverse the effects of recent brain death.

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  • New enzyme is the key for quicker Parkinson’s disease treatment

    Scientists at the University of Manchester and York found an enzyme in a fungus that's used for making soy sauce. This enzyme will make the production of drugs for Parkinson’s disease treatment cheaper and quicker.

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  • Wireless and dissolvable pacemaker enhances treatment for heart disease

    A new pacemaker called the Micra Transcatheter Pacing System has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The pacemaker is an inch long, leadless and its coronary stent dissolves in the body.

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  • Amazon receives a patent for a parachute drone

    Amazon has been granted a patent for a “delivery by drone method” which incorporates a shipping label with a parachute. This invention is intended for packages to be dropped from an aerial vehicle and land without any damage.

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  • US Supreme Court ruling limits a patent holders right to block resale

    A new ruling by the US Supreme Court limits a patent holders power to block resale. Companies give up their patent rights when they sell an item which is a defeat for Lexmark International, who were trying to stop refurbished versions of its printer cartridges from weakening its sales.

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