PatSnap Weekly: 2017 March Week 1


Welcome to PatSnap Weekly, a weekly round up of some of the latest developments from around the world in innovation including technology, medicine and intellectual property.



  • Starve out diabetes

    In last week's review, scientists from Trento Institute claimed a state of hibernation could help with cancer patients, this week a team from University of Southern California claims a state of starvation can help with diabetes. By fasting mice for four days a week, the team were able to ‘reset’ insulin producing cells.

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  • Gene therapy treatment puts cancer into remission

    Californian company Kite Pharma achieves 36 per cent rate of remission in 101 cancer patients after six month trial of pioneering gene therapy treatment. CAR-T cell therapy boosts existing immune system to reduce tumor size 50 per cent in 80 per cent of patients.

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  • Epilepsy drug relieves migraine symptoms

    Canadian researchers from the University of British Columbia show similarity between initial symptoms of migraines and epileptic fits prove efficacy of epilepsy treatment in treating the headaches.

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  • New implant for thumb arthritis

    Irish startup Loci Orthopaedics develops implant to replace thumb joint and reduce pain in a condition which affects as many as one in three women over the age of 55.

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  • IBM patents out of office alerts

    IBM has been granted a patent for the ubiquitous out of office electronic mail messaging system. The patent, originally filed in 2010, remained pending for seven years.

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  • Cialis patent argument reopened

    The Federal Circuit has reopened LA BioMed’s patent case against Eli Lilly by rejecting PTAB’s obviousness findings on the grounds that it is inadequate. Lilly filed several IPR petitions against LA BioMed’s patent which covers a method of treating penile fibrosis, following a previous lawsuit by LA BioMed alleging that Lilly’s Cialis drug led to infringement.

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  • Apple reverses $533 million iTunes decision

    In 2016, Smartflash LLC had claimed that Apple’s iTunes software infringed upon its data storage patents. This week, the Federal Circuit reversed this patent ruling which had required Apple to pay $533 million (£436 million) in damages to SmartFlash.

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