PatSnap Weekly: 2017 March Week 2

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Welcome to PatSnap Weekly, this week we will take a look at the latest developments from around the world in technology, medicine and intellectual property.


Lithium-ion battery inventor reveals new glass battery

John Goodenough invents new and efficient glass battery which uses sodium or lithium coated glass electrolytes promising three times the storage of a lithium-ion battery.

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Robot reads minds

Researchers at MIT have built a system that lets a person correct any mistakes a robot makes with their minds. They used the Baxter robot designed by Rethink Robotics and connected it to an EEG monitor cap.

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Time crystals to break laws of physics

Two teams of scientists have confirm creation of time crystals, a previously hypothetical creation. Atoms in the crystals repeat a pattern across the fourth dimension - time, oscillating forever without any external influence.

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3D printed house

San Francisco-based 3D printing company Apir Cor demonstrate 3D printer capable of creating a house in a single day. The 3D printer layers concrete mixture to create walls capable of lasting 175 years.

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Medical device warns medics before patients bleed out

US Army researchers have developed a new medical device placed on a patient’s fingertip to warn medics of the danger of going into shock or bleeding out.

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Parkinson's disease linked to gut bacteria

Researchers claim Parkinson's disease could be a consequence of the type of bacteria in the gut. Study shows drugs taken by Parkinson's sufferers have unique impact on the bacteria and the body's response to drugs.

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New gene therapy reverses Sickle-cell disease

French teenager’s Sickle-cell disease reversed with new procedure at Necker Children’s Hospital in Paris. The procedure used a treatment to change DNA in his bone marrow.

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3D printing in space

Made in Space has published a new patent which could be used for 3D printing in space. Patent describes a system and method for assembling spacecraft e.g. satellites in space.

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China to relax software patent regulations

New SIPO guidelines come into effect on 1 April. Guidelines will relax software regulations and open doors for business method patents.

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Arctic Cat wins lawsuit against Bombardier

Bombardier filed a lawsuit against Arctic Cat alleging 56 instances of patent infringement on four of their patents.  It was held that one of their patents for a snowmobile chassis was not infringed.

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Tim Moss appointed CEO of IPO

Tim Moss, previously registrar of companies for England and Wales has now been appointed as the new chief executive officer of the UK Intellectual Property Office.

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Next week's webinar

Next week's webinar will be hosted by Dan Plane who will be discussing IP considerations in supply and distribution relationships.

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