PatSnap Weekly: 2017 March Week 3


Welcome to PatSnap Weekly, this week we will take a look at the latest developments from around the world in technology, medicine and intellectual property.


  • Sponge could provide solution to future oil spills

    Team from the University of Chicago demonstrate sponge-like material capable of absorbing liquid 900 times its own weight. New material is hoped to offer effective solution to future oil spills.

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  • IBM create hard drive from atom

    IBM Research team manage to use supercooled, magnetised atom to store single bit of data. Technique could lead to even larger storage devices.

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  • New google algorithm shrinks filesize

    Google unveil open source algorithm, Guetzli, that reduces JPEG size by 35 per cent. Change could lead to faster loading, lighter webpages

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  • AI language

    Silicon Valley roboticist Igor Mordatch building artificially intelligent machines capable of  building inter-machine virtual worlds with robot created languages.

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  • Cancer drug demonstrates Alzheimer's effectiveness

    Scientists claim leukemia treatment shows significant potential for effective Alzheimer’s and Parkinson's treatments. Research suggests small doses of the drug triggers cells to rid themselves of faulty components associated with brain disease.

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  • 3 parent babies given go ahead

    Newcastle University clinic approved to use mitochondria donation to produce babies with two women and a man. By replacing faulty mitochondria inherited from the mother with healthy mitochondria from another, hereditary disease can be eliminated.

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  • Breath test could indicate pneumonia

    Researchers from Zhejiang University School of Medicine demonstrate technique for detecting volatile organic compounds in patients’ breath which could point to pneumonia diagnosis.

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  • Aging gene identified

    Team from Columbia University have identified a genetic variant which causes brain ageing in older people. Results show differences in appearance are tied to variants of gene TMEM106B.

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  • China and Pakistan sign IP agreement

    China and Pakistan are expected to sign agreement to enhance cooperation of intellectual property rights to protect patents, copyrights and trademarks. A memorandum of understanding is expected to be signed between IPO of Pakistan and SIPO by March 21st.

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  • Alphabet steps up case against Uber

    Alphabet Inc, parent company of Google, has requested a preliminary injunction to stop Uber’s ride sharing service in their lawsuit.  A court filing showed that Uber is using proprietary information.

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  • Blockchain registrations for IP

    Blockchain Labs launches PriorThings, its first service built on blockchain technology. The registration service makes it possible for inventors to register prior art on the public blockchain and establish a record of their inventions.

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