PatSnap Weekly: 2017 March Week 4

PatSnap Weekly - March week 4

Welcome to PatSnap Weekly, this week we will take a look at the latest developments from around the world in technology, medicine and intellectual property.


  • PwC report predicts job automation by 2030

    Report by consultancy firm predicts as many as 30 per cent of jobs in the UK could become automated within 15 years.

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  • Apple patent reveals iphone docking laptop

    Latest Apple patent demonstrates design for laptop-style add on for a phone. Possible concept could be tech giant’s competitor for Google Chromebook.

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  • Self driving bus aims for 2020 roll out

    Japanese telecom firm SoftBank receives 510 million yen (£3.7 million) investment from Yahoo Japan to bring self driving bus to commercialisation by 2020.

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  • 100x faster wireless internet access

    Team from Eindhoven University of Technology improves Li-Fi, the wireless connectivity based on light, to achieve speeds of up to 100 times faster than conventional Wi-Fi.

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  • Sony patents shareable power

    Sony patents technique to allow cellphone power to be shared between devices simply by swiping.

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  • Startup promises electronic flights

    British startup Wright Electronics claims London to Paris flights powered solely by electricity are achievable within a decade.

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  • Mass produced blood could end shortage of transfusions

    Technique developed by the University of Bristol to allow mass production of red blood cells from stem cells could spell end of  blood supply.

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  • TB diagnosis breakthrough

    British research team demonstrate genome sequencing technique which can reduce diagnosis time periods from months to just a few days.

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  • Spider venom stroke therapy

    Australian research team claim venom from deadly funnel web spiders could offer effective treatment for stroke victims.

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  • US Supreme Court to hear case on patented product use

    Supreme Court will hear case on consumers using non-branded ink in Lexmark printers. Outcome of case could have wide ranging impact on consumer rights.

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  • Nintendo wins 3DS patent dispute

    Court confirms Nintendo did not infringe on competitor’s patent in six year dispute over glasses-less 3D screen.

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  • Patent trolls vindicated

    Supreme Court rules rights owners do not have sue immediately if rights are infringed, opening the door to non-practising entities (NPEs) - patent trolls - to dispute others’ technologies.

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