PatSnap Weekly: 2017 May Week 2


Welcome back to PatSnap Weekly. This week there have been significant technological advancements in medicine from AR goggles for surgeons to battery free implantables.


  • Scientists 3D print glass

    Scientists from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology have successfully 3D printed transparent glass, in the hope to print lenses, fibre optics and glass structures for buildings and car sunroofs.

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  • Emotion reading technology can spot criminals

    Software created by NTechLab can monitor suspicious behaviour by tacking identity, age, gender and emotional state to preemptively stop criminals.

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  • Autonomous pizza delivery

    Dominos has launched their first robotic autonomous vehicle pizza delivery in Hamburg, Germany in partnership with Starship Technologies - a startup founded by Skype’s co-creators.

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  • Gut bacteria triggers brain lesions that lead to strokes

    A new study by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania has revealed that common blood vessel abnormalties in the brain is linked to bacteria colonies in the gut.

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  • AR goggles gives surgeons x-ray vision

    Cambridge Consultants in Boston have developed an augmented reality headset to give surgeons the ability to see a virtual 3D map on a patient's internal organs overlaid onto their body. This is to help guide surgeons through complex procedures.

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  • Battery free implantables

    Scientists from UCLA and the University of connecticut have designed a biological supercapacitor for implantable devices which operates using ions and particles from fluids in the human body.

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  • Microsoft granted patent for smart glasses

    Microsoft has been granted a patent for augmented reality glasses to encourage better health by making users aware of nutritional facts and warnings on food related items.

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  • IBM granted patent for drone delivery

    Tech giant, IBM, has been granted a patent for a drone that would transfer packages between aerial drones to allow packages to travel further and expand drone delivery networks.

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  • Japanese company files patent for writing robot

    Japanese company, Spectee, have filed for two patents for "an automated creation of straight news stories" which collects information from social media posts through deep learning.

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  • Microsoft files patent to block pirated content

    Microsoft has filed a patent for a system that disables prohibited content and identifies repeat offenders online that share information through service provider storage systems.

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