PatSnap platform upgraded: search, filter and view improvements

programmable search in command search example 1

Building a robust patent search, refining that search, and finally reviewing the resultant patent documents related to that search is a time-consuming process. PatSnap has implemented new features designed to aid this process, and make your life a little simpler!

Here are three highlights from the PatSnap platform upgrade covering search, filtering and patent view.

Search improvement – Programmable search in command search

When building patent searches it is often the case that you will need to combine a previous search you have made with new search terms, thereby building a bigger and more complex query that will result in a more relevant set of patent documents within the search results.

The PatSnap platform now supports multi-line command search in which it is possible to real-time merge search queries. A simple example of this can be seen above.

Multi-line command search in the Advanced Search area has allowed me to combine my first search (S1) “cars AND tyres”, with my second search (S2) “batteries NOT cobalt” by simply searching “S1 NOT S2” in this example. It is now also possible to keep these searches saved in the command search area, thus providing a more efficient way to combine multiple queries together.

Filter improvement – Exclude filters in search results

A new filter option – exclude – has been implemented. A small change for sure, but one which has a big impact when trying to further refine search results within a query. This can be done from both the search results page and from within a Workspace folder.

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 platform upgrade filter improvement

Patent view improvements - Description sub-fields display

Finally, when looking through the description of a patent document, it is often the case that it is split up into multiple different sections, such as “Background of the Invention” or “Field of the Invention”; this is very common in certain jurisdictions. In some cases there is only one specific section that you will be interested in reading through within this description.

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platform upgrade patent view

PatSnap now displays description sub-fields, allowing users to click on the different sections of the description within the patent overview tab to navigate to these sections. This makes the process of finding the relevant section within a description a much quicker process. It should be noted that this will be for CN patents only in the initial release however the number of jurisdictions covered will expand in the near future.

To try these new features out, simply log in and start searching. Programmable search in command search can be found in the “Advanced” search section of the platform.

Our dedicated R&D team is working hard to make it easy to find answers to your innovation questions. If you’d like to learn more about our new features, please contact your account manager, or request a demo.

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