Identifying similar patents in your technology space [Webinar]

An image of sattelites This webinar was hosted by PatSnap’s head of product support, Jarrod Britton, and he considered different ways of identifying similar patents in your technology space.

Jarrod evaluated various free tools (as well as PatSnap) to identify different ways a company can search for patents similar to a particular area of focus. A company may want to do this is to identify either similar technologies, adjacent markets or track competitor portfolios.

There are several ways companies may want to search for similar patents such as:

  • Keyword searching
  • Looking at classification codes
  • Semantic searching
  • Citation analysis

Some of the basic searching techniques such as keyword searching and citation analysis are available on free tools while the more in depth ways to find similar patents are typically limited to paid tools.

Jarrod talks through several examples of finding similar patents, using different analogies to relate the critical thinking needed to uncover even the most obscure patents. Discovering patents of smaller emerging companies or larger companies who could be hiding patents through subsidiaries enables companies to identify all potential threats when doing a freedom to operate (FTO) search.

To understand more about how you can identify similar patents in your technology space, watch the webinar by clicking on the link below.

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