Unwired Planet win their first infringement lawsuit against technology giants Samsung and Huawai

Unwired Planet, a small technology firm is pulling no punches as it continues to file a number of infringement lawsuits against competitors much bigger than themselves. This week they won a trial against tech giants Samsung and Huawai regarding patents related to 4G technology.

The patent in question is #EP2229744, and describes a "Method and arrangement in a wireless communication network." The win was just the first in a series of London-based, IP trials which will take place over the coming months, running into the new year.

The significance of this patent triumph is that, with only 16 employees, Unwired Planet is so much smaller than the competitors it is going after. Their patent portfolio holds an impressive 2,500 documents, either issued and pending, most of which were acquired from Ericsson in 2013. The patents cover a variety of technologies ranging from cloud based mobile services, 4G and social media.

Here in the UK, patent disputes involve specialised judges, and the individual dealing with this specific case was Judge Colin Birss. In his 234 paragraph ruling, he stated that this patent was essential to the growth and development of the 4G telecommunications industry.

A number of online sources reported that, just after the verdict was announced, Unwired Planet's US shares rose by nearly 20%, which is the biggest jump since 2014. Noah Mesel, the company's general council explained, "the ruling goes a considerable way towards validating the Unwired Planet portfolio."

There is no word yet from Samsung or Huawei with regards to an appeal. Unwired Planet will be entitled to reclaim some legal fees back, however that amount will be confirmed at a later stage.

"This is a great result and demonstrates that the hard work behind an invention that contributed to this industry standard and is deployed in LTE handsets around the world has been recognised as valuable by the UK court", said Unwired Planet's CEO Boris Teksler.