8 ways to use IP analysis for investment research

Successful market intelligence will leverage all the data that is available in order to provide the most complete picture upon which to base decisions relating to market opportunities and company strategies. One of those sources of information is intellectual property.

 IP analysis can reveal a whole ream of data points that can significantly help with a large array of outputs that marketers, equity researchers, market analysts, business intelligence consultants and investment advisors regularly create. This could include industry overview reports, market analyses, competitive landscapes, SWOT analyses and strategic assessments, for example.

The question is: what kind of data is available and what are some of the best ways in which it can be used? Here are eight of our favourite data points and what they can show.

Click the image below: watch the full webinar explaining eight ways to use IP analysis for investment research

IP Due Diligence for Startups and Investors Webinar