Webinar: Ask patent attorney & bestselling author Dylan Adams


Guest speaker Dylan Adams, author of Amazon best seller, Patents Demystified, hosts this webinar to answer burning questions on patents.

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The theme of this webinar is around the Internet of Things. Dylan explains how devices are getting smaller, more powerful, faster and more people are connected to devices and the internet. With this exponential growth in technology, the key issue he discusses is how the patent system is changing to reflect that.

There have been some changes that are relevant and have impacted the system but not in direct response to the fast-moving technology. With regards to the Alice case, it is more difficult to patent abstract ideas which makes it difficult to file computer technology patents.

Dylan offers the following tips on filing patent applications:

  • When to file a provisional patent applications vs non-provisional patent application
  • The importance of an accurate description in the patent to allow room for changes
  • Thinking ahead when filing patents to anticipate changes in future technology especially for start-ups

As he explains in his best-selling book ‘Patents Demystified’, “With many start-ups struggling to gain attention of investors and potential customers, it is a sign of success when competitors take note of a company and its products to the degree that they consider patent litigation”.

During the Q&A session, he is asked his opinion on Elon Musk’s statement that he does not support patents and thinks it’s “a recipe book for China.”

To respond, he gives the example of Google. Initially they were not a big fan of patents and only had 1,000 of them in their portfolio. When they moved into the mobile space they started getting into patent law suits and realised they had no patent arsenal to fight back.

This was the motivation behind Motorola mobility. Google bought Motorola mobility to get a patent portfolio of 17,000 patents related to mobiles. The huge premium Google were forced to pay was the cost of not establishing their own patent portfolio in the very beginning.

The patent system and patent game are going to play with you whether you like it or not.

In his book, Dylan explains, “patents mark a company as an innovator and are prestigious in the eyes of potential customers, investors and business partners. Value provided by these many benefits goes unappreciated by companies unfamiliar with patent assets and may result in significant under- investment in a patent portfolio which can be worth tens if not hundreds of times the cost of acquiring the patents.”

Dylan also answers questions regarding software patents, IP reform in the US, the impact of China’s IP system and Freedom to Operate (FTO) searches, view the complete webinar now:

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