Webinar Preview: Dylan Adams


In this week’s webinar, PatSnap will be joined by Dylan Adams, senior patent attorney and author.

Profile image of Dylan Adams

Dylan is the author of Amazon bestseller Patents Demystified, a practical guide to patents for inventors, entrepreneurs, and startups. It is one of the only books available dealing specifically with clearing up the haze around intellectual property and patents.

Rather than our usual topical presentation, this week’s webinar will be a live Q&A on intellectual property strategy. Dylan brings a wealth of experience as a senior patent attorney so this is an opportunity to pick his brains!

As Dylan explains in his book, ‘patents mark a company as an innovator and are prestigious in the eyes of potential customers, investors, and business partners’ and as a result a coherent and structured IP strategy is key to success.

Dylan has written about ideas for commercial products are typically thought of as “a general concept of one or maybe a few variations of how the product would look and operate”; this can be an issue.

Dylan suggests that instead of thinking of these specific products as ‘the invention’ they should be considered as ‘small subsets of a much larger invention, or as example embodiments of a much larger invention.’

He uses the Venn diagram below to illustrate this:

Venn diagram taken from Dylan Adams book

If you have questions relating to product commercialization or general questions regarding issues such as selecting a patent attorney or drafting a non-provisional application, Dylan will be on hand to answer any questions you may have so sign up now to secure a place on his webinar!

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