Webinar: Negotiating patent licensing terms with Owen Nicholson


This webinar will be hosted by Owen Nicholson, Head of Growth from education tech transfer specialists IN-PART. Owen will be discussing best practices when negotiating patent licensing terms to avoid potential risks and litigations further down the line.

Owen will discuss how universities and other R&D focused industries can get the best out of licensing deals with organisations around the world and how they can use techniques to avoid litigation to ensure both parties get a good deal.

He will examine different ways universities can monetise their research and the potential obstacles that universities can face when leveraging their IP.

Owen has focused most of his career around early stage R&D and innovation. He has a wealth of experience from working at institutions such as the Ministry of Defence, to working at Dyson as an External Research Programme Manager. Now he is the Head of Growth at IN-PART, focusing on facilitating technology transfer between universities and companies.

IN-PART is an online platform which supports universities to distribute their ground breaking research and collaborate with the right institutions to commercialise their products.

Owen has also developed a Value Element Analysis to support start-ups in identifying the best markets to target their new products. This can be used to discover markets for existing products or for early stage products in the innovation cycle.

If you want to discover key techniques for getting the most out of your licensing agreements, click the link below to sign up for the webinar:

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