Webinar: Reducing patent annuity costs

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In this webinar, we were joined by our guest speaker Peter Rouse, director at Patent Annuity Costs Ltd.

Patent Annuity Costs assists with the audit of fees charged by annuity payment service providers as well as helping to negotiate new terms with the same or alternate providers.

They provide a range of services such as invoice analysis, pricing proposals, negotiations with providers and invoice monitoring to give patent holders the right information in order to determine how much to pay for patent annuity payment services.

In this webinar, Peter discussed how companies can reduce patent annuity costs.

He discussed different ways they can do this such as:

  • Checking whether their invoice amount is correct
  • Which components make up the amount in the invoice
  • Whether a company is paying more than they expected

He discussed the key components of annuity such as:

  • Fees charged by the PTO
  • Agent fees
  • Foreign exchange fees
  • Service charges

Peter explained how some patent annuity services over charge customers and advised on how an invoice can be broken down to see exactly what companies are paying for.

Examples of company invoices which do not provide the service charge are included in the presentation to show how this can lead to companies paying more to service providers.

As well as all this, Peter discussed how service charges are not the only thing companies need to focus on as there are other extra charges to consider by properly reviewing contracts and evaluating invoices.

If you want to find out how you can reduce your patent annuity costs, watch this webinar by clicking the link below:

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