Webinar Review: Owen Nicholson discusses patent licensing

A banner image for a webinar with Owen Nicholson and patent licensing

This week’s webinar was hosted by guest speaker Owen Nicholson, head of growth at IN-PART, a platform that connects university innovations with industry. With a vast range of experience, from working at organisations such as the Ministry of Defense and Dyson Owen helps early stage research to take results from the lab into the real world.

In this webinar, Owen discusses how universities can successfully exploit IP to commercialise and license their products; he discusses the options for universities to leverage their IP, either through a spin out company or patent licensing.

Academics and students need to be aware of ownership of the IP as this varies. For academics, they are employees of a university so ownership of the IP belongs to the university; however, PhD students own the IP for their projects as they aren’t classed as employees and do not receive a salary from the university.

Owen discusses various points to consider when negotiating terms of a license such as:  

  • What you need access to - what territories, application areas or designs
  • What type of access do you require, is it an exclusive or non-exclusive licence?
  • The duration of the licence - some may want an indefinite amount of time whereas others may want a time limit to keep up with changing technology
  • The cost of access - will it be a one-off payment, a recurring payment or through royalties
  • The actual cost of accessing IP. Royalty deals need to be carefully negotiated especially when discussing terms for combination products.

One of the questions asked of Owen was whether universities tend to monetise ideas through spin outs or patent licensing. He explains how there is a preference for licensing; although spin outs are increasing, it requires a lot of hard work to create the company and ensure its success. Many choose to license patents because they can control the outcome better by negotiating the terms.

Click the link below for the full webinar where Owen discusses these techniques in more detail:

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