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Cloud Patents

The rate of innovation is increasing as the cloud industry continues to grow. The list of patents below are related to multiprogramming or multitasking, a key technology area in this space.

Allocating and managing cloud computing resources for disaster recovery

Allocating cloud storage based on storage attributes

Anomaly detection for cloud monitoring

Apparatus for ensuring real-time transaction integrity in the indestructible scalable computing cloud

Architecture for data collection and event management supporting automation in service provider cloud environments

Architecture, system and method for mediating communications between a client computer system and a cloud computing system with a driver framework

Autoconfiguration of a cloud instance based on contextual parameters

Automated build-out of a cloud-computing stamp

Cloud bursting

Cloud computing: estimation of execution duration pertinent to concurrent execution of threads

Cloud container resource binding and tasking using keys

Cloud service custom execution environment

Cloud services in mobile heterogeneous networks

Cloud thread synchronization

Consistency-based service-level agreements in cloud storage environments

Delivering authorization and authentication for a user of a storage array from a cloud

Determination of data object exposure in cloud computing environments

Determining transferability of a computing resource to a cloud computing environment

Distributed cloud computing platform and content delivery network

Dynamic plugin(s) for cloud application(s)

Dynamically organizing cloud computing resources to facilitate discovery

Efficient queueing and scheduling of backups in a multi-tenant cloud computing environment

Elastic scaling for cloud-hosted batch applications

Eventually consistent storage and transactions in cloud based environment

Framework providing unified infrastructure management for polymorphic information technology (it) functions across disparate groups in a cloud computing environment

Managing servicability of cloud computing resources

Method and apparatus for clearing cloud compute demand

Method and apparatus for security in cloud computing service

Method and system for cloud service based on redistribution of processing power

Method for managing a communication between a host machine and a peripheral device in a cloud environment

Method for obtaining vetted certificates by microservices in elastic cloud environments

Method, system, and device for dynamic energy efficient job scheduling in a cloud computing environment

Methods and apparatus for binding applications to a cloud computing environment

Methods and systems for modeling cloud user behavior

Network followed by compute load balancing procedure for embedding cloud services in software-defined flexible-grid optical transport networks

Off-the-shelf software component reuse in a cloud computing environment

Performant memory manager for cloud applications

Persistent real-time communication channels with cloud computing systems

Platform and software framework for data intensive applications in the cloud

Provenance in cloud computing systems

Providing use of local or private cloud infrastructure resources to public cloud providers

Resourcelimited device interactivity with cloud-based systems

Robust large-scale machine learning in the cloud

Running agents to execute automation tasks in cloud systems

Runtime based application security and regulatory compliance in cloud environment

Smart migration of overperforming operators of a streaming application to virtual machines in a cloud

Sync as a service for cloud-based applications

Synchronized release of resources used in deferential cloud services

System and method for cloud connection pool

System and method for extending cloud services into the customer premise

System and method for load estimation of virtual machines in a cloud environment and serving node

System and method for providing a virtual assembly builder for use with a cloud computing environment

System and method for virtual image security in a cloud environment

Systems and methods for object-based interaction with cloud-based applications

Virtual file system for cloud-based shared content

Virtual machine migration into the cloud

Wake-on-lan and instantiate-on-lan in a cloud computing system

Work scheduling method and system implemented via cloud platform