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Connectivity Patents

The rate of innovation is increasing as the connectivity industry continues to grow. The list of patents below are related to wireless channel access, a key technology area in this space.

A node and method for random access in dual connectivity

A system and method for providing personal connectivity between a computing device and a computer network

Adaptations of dual connectivity operation to ue capability

Apparatus and method for providing ip connectivity to mobile nodes during handover

Apparatus and method supporting random access for massive connectivity

Capability signaling for dual connectivity

Communication between mac and phy for parallel random access procedures of dual connectivity

Connectivity robustness in wireless systems

Coordination techniques for discontinuous reception (drx) operations in dual-connectivity architectures

Device and method of handling dual connectivity

Device of radio network temporary identifier allocation in dual connectivity

Distributed machine-to-machine connectivity

Dual connectivity

Dual connectivity for terminals supporting one uplink carrier

Dual connectivity mode of operation of a user equipment in a wireless communication network

Dual connectivity power control for wireless network and wireless device

Dual connectivity re-establishment

Dual connectivity scheduling request for wireless network and wireless device

Dual connectivity with licensed assisted access

Dynamic aggression management of cellular connectivity

Enabling direct transport layer connectivity

Enabling power efficient dual connectivity with reduced delay impact

Faint connectivity session setup

Fast activation of multi-connectivity utilizing uplink signals

Handling link failure in dual connectivity

Indication to the master e-node b of successful primary secondary cell activation in dual connectivity

Method and apparatus for enabling wireless connectivity

Method and apparatus for standard 802.11x network connectivity monitor

Method and apparatus for time switched uplink in a dual connectivity environment

Method and first network node for managing a request for connectivity for a service of a wireless device

Method and system for conducting random access on small cell under dual connectivity

Method and system for handling of special scell selection in dual connectivity

Method for processing a packet data convergence protocol service data unit at a user equipment in a dual connectivity system and device therefor

Method for providing dual connectivity in wireless communication system

Method for supporting dual connectivity and device using same

Method of handling a cell addition for dual connectivity and related communication device

Method to de-multiplex data and/or signals from a single data card into multiple interfaces and to allow parallel connectivity

Method to provide dual connectivity using lte master enodeb and wi-fi based secondary enodeb

Mobile communication system that supports a dual connectivity management

Multi-connectivity of terminal device

Packet sequence numbering for multi-connectivity in a wireless network

Prioritization for wlan access for lte managing wlan connectivity

Radio link failure handling for dual connectivity

Random access method and apparatus for use in wireless communication system supporting dual connectivity

Random access procedure for dual connectivity

Systems and methods for dual-connectivity operation

Systems and methods for dual-connectivity operation

Systems and methods for multi-connectivity operation

Techniques for prioritizing transmissions in multiple connectivity wireless communications

Time advance for dual connectivity