Breakthroughs in the manipulation of the building blocks of life—DNA, RNA and protein sequences—are allowing us to create novel drugs, diagnostic processes and desirable biological qualities.

All of these can be patent protected, however, fundamental activities—such as freedom to operate and novelty searches—are a bit more complicated when it comes to sequences. 

PatSnap has created Bio to remove the biggest obstacles to iron-clad FTO searches on sequences. The tool combines in one easy-to-use interface: 

  • Sequence searching and patent analysis in a single platform
  • Over 300 million sequences and 130+ million patents, across 128+ patent jurisdictions
  • High-throughput searching of up to 200 sequences at a time
  • Pinpoint search refinement by adding keywords or industrial applications

This eBook walks you through the new, improved and simplified way of searching and analysing sequences—with a focus on pharma and biotech.

Simply fill out the form on the right to download the full ebook for free. 

PatSnap Bio Brochure Cover