What if you could recognise the value of your technology early? And find the best route to commercialisation? Researchers often fail to realise the potential of their inventions. And consequently—without proper direction—fail to find the right commercialisation path too.

PraxisUnico’s UK Spinouts Survey revealed that 33% of university spinouts had failed and 52% were showing little or no sign of growth.

PatSnap’s AI-driven platform uses technology and commercialisation-focussed data—including patent, grant and licensing data—to reveal optimal paths to success. Download this ebook to learn:

  1. Smarter, faster ways of checking and exploiting idea novelty
  2. Novel licensing and partnership strategies 
  3. How AI is transforming tech transfer
  4. Effective communication and collaboration tools for successful tech transfer

Using real-life strategies applied by PatSnap customers and others, this eBook equips you with the cognitive tools to turn your IP assets into serious revenue generators. 

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IP Commercialisation eBook Cover