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The Chinese intellectual property legal system has matured rapidly. Just 40 years ago China did not have a patent system, and today the country is aggressively using patent policy to create an innovation pathway to the future.

From improvements in the scope of allowable patent subject matter to enhancements of litigation options, a strong desire by China to be seen as having a level playing field for all parties, China deserves a second look by those doing business in Asia, as well as those who never considered a China strategy.

Join patent attorney and IPWatchdog.com founder Gene Quinn for a free webinar discussion on patents in China. Joining Gene will be Raymond Hagerty, IP strategist and Founder of IC Landscape, Jeffery Langer, Member at Stites & Harbison, and Joff Wild, Editor for Intellectual Asset Management (IAM).

In this webinar, we will discuss: 

  • China allowing software and business method patents.
  • Patent owner successes in patent litigation in Chinese courts.
  • Why NPEs are necessary for China's domestic industry to dominate.
  • Chinese start-ups outpacing U.S. start-ups in Artificial Intelligence funding.
  • The Made in China 2025 initiative.