In a recent survey by Harvard Business Review, it was revealed that on average, only 23% of participants said they learned about a competitor’s innovation early enough to respond before it hit the market. Whilst competition is inevitable, what strategies can you implement to decrease the risk they pose to your business? 
Patent data follows a defined structure—for example, all patents contain claims, abstracts, summary pages etc. And the type of information contained in each section is clearly defined. This uniformity means, with enough computing power, you can extract patterns and insight from billions of shared data points.
In this webinar, hosted by Christopher Ralph a Technical Training Expert at PatSnap, we explore how to successfully track the activities of your competitors using patent data. Other themes covered in this webinar include:
  • Identifying emerging players in your market
  • The benefits of keeping, or bringing your competitor tracking back in-house
  • Communicating competitor intelligence to colleagues
  • Competitors as opportunities, not just threats.