How do you find perfect licensees for your patent-protected technologies? Word of mouth? Industry contacts? External consultancies and their networks? In a world full of work-enhancing technologies, there's got to be an easier way to find higher-quality licensees... right? Definitely.

There's a ton of data available about organisations interested in being licensees and licensors, and you can use this data to refine your search for the right partner into a fine (and effective) art. This data tells you the industries and technologies in which different organisations are likely to be interested, the most successful licensing agreements, the strength of an organisation's licensing culture and the geographies in which they're most active, among other things.

You can use this data to find as many high-quality, relevant licensees as possible—then refine your list to contain only the best of the best. But how do you do all this in practice?

Join PatSnap, IAM's Joff Wild, Jason Lye and Tom Hochstatter

1.) The data available today to help you find the best licensees for your patent-protected technologies

2.) How to find novel applications of technologies like yours in adjacent markets, and organisations interested in such applications

3.) Tools available to help you effortlessly analyse and draw actionable insights from licensing data

4.) Strategies for applying the answers you get from licensing data

5.) The expert view on your challenges during a Q&A session