Could you have spotted Google’s potential when it was pre-seed? How about Tesla’s, when the company was just a twinkle in Elon Musk’s eye? 

Established innovation leaders need this skill of spotting game changers—well before they change the game. It can be the key to finding a breakthrough partner, sealing a market-defining acquisition… or even avoiding a menacing threat.

Antoine Baschiera, CEO and Co-Founder of EarlyMetrics, helps established innovators spot budding game changers. And he does this using a data dimension often overlooked in technology—humans. 

If you're an innovative start-up hoping for lasting success, this is also a factor that can't be overlooked. 

In this webinar, Antoine explains how you can use qualitative data points, based on the humans comprising an organisation, as indicators of innovation and growth potential.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • The EarlyMetrics framework, designed by psychologists, technical experts and investors 
  • How to apply some of the 50 criteria, across 3 data dimensions, pioneered by Antoine and his team
  • The success rate of using human factors as signals of future potential and why this approach is so effective