Patents: Sell, License or Scrap?

A well-managed patent portfolio will protect your most valuable assets, while delivering a strong return on investment. But actively managing your intellectual property assets is time-consuming and complex – particularly if your portfolio spans across multiple territories and INPADOC families. 

IP managers often have to make difficult renewal or abandonment decisions without the benefit of detailed technical knowledge, working via spreadsheets or collaborating via emails to understand the importance of a particular patent. The risk of making a wrong choice when it comes to selling, licensing or abandoning patents can sometimes push them to the safe option of ‘do nothing’. 

For businesses, doing nothing means wasting budget on unnecessary or inflated renewal fees or missed opportunities to generate new revenue. How can we resolve some of these inefficiencies? 

In this webinar, we were joined by a panel of experts who discussed how patent portfolio managers can make better decisions on whether to sell, license, or scrap patents.