All businesses, big or small need a workforce that is inspired and engaged. While there are many ways to enhance these qualities, there has been one that seems to be the simplest and most effective- storytelling. Through open-mindedness in the workplace and willingness to share knowledge, individuals are able to go far beyond the goals expected of them. 

PatSnap is pleased to welcome Mitch Ditkoff, Founder of innovation consultancy company Idea Champions. Mitch has worked with some of the world’s most forward thinking companies since 1987, and through the years has come to realise that there is no more powerful catalyst for innovation than well-told stories.

In this webinar Mitch will be sharing: 

  • How you can spark an innovation mindset amongst those around you on a daily basis 
  • Best practises for forward-thinking business leaders who are wanting to elevate conversations in their workplace and radically increase the odds of peer-to-peer learning.