Streamline Your Innovation Strategy with PatSnap 

PatSnap can help connect the dots, innovate faster, and bring superior products to market in a fraction of the time. 

Build by innovators for innovators, our AI-powered machine and machine learning solution can: 

Merge billions of data points. 

Enable users to quickly extract key themes. 

Analyze relevant information and identify opportunities. 

Validate ideas and mitigate risk. 

PatSnap Bio

PatSnap Chemical

PatSnap Synapse

Biological Sequence searching in patents and journals.

Chemistry searching and analysis in patents and journals, regulatory data.

Drug discovery, drug development, and analysis.

Turn IP assets into competitive advantage

PatSnap IP enables you and your teams to access Patent and None patent literature World Wide to validate ideas in the early stages of R&D; Track the competitive landscape with ease and reverse engineer technology into new industries!